Vu Le

Senior Java Developer

I am a Fullstack Web Developer, J2EE expert with more than 8 years in software engineering and this is my blog – JavaSail.

I have written this site just to share my knowledge about  Java and J2EE technologies.

All tutorials and examples are simple and easy to understand, well tested in my development but if it’s not working for you or you have any questions, feel free to ask me here – questions list. Hope you may learn or find something new and good in here.

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Java Frameworks :

  • RESTful Webservice with JAX-RS, Jersey, Microservices, Spring Framework, Spring MVC  , Spring Boot, Spring Security, Struts 2.
  • Spring Data JPA, Hibernate , OpenJPA, MyBatis, Spring MongoDB, Spring JMS, ActiveMQ, Tiles Framework, Velocity, FreeMarker

Database :

  • MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DB2

Tools :

  • Jrebel , SVN , Maven , Jira , Redmine , IBM Tools, GIT, Slack, Hipchat, Google Hangout.

FrontEnd :

  • HTML/CSS , Javascript , Jquery , Json.

App server :

  • Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Websphere Application Server.

PHP : 

  • Yii framework, WordPress.

2012 - Present

Full-stack J2EE
Freelance Jobs

Worked in many projects for full stack dev from creating document, design template, frontend to implement api with many Java frameworks and PHP technologies.

As customer privacy, all freelance jobs detail will be keep privated. 

06/2016 - Present

Full-stack J2EE
Halodoc - MhealthTech
MHealth Tech

A secured e-healthcare platform that unites patients, doctors, insurance, pharmacy, labs, and other healthcare stakeholders in simple mobile-first solutions.

Our business is providing access services to the platform that connects between parties in the whole healthcare ecosystem.

As the holding company, M-Health has several consumer tech products in the market, i.e:,,, and
For more information please visit the website at and

04/2014 - 06/2016

Java Technical Leader
Vietsoftware International

– Developed a document management based on Alfresco for the Government Of Vietnam and an online document management for personal users.With management, record, search, storage and share of documents, oriented to document controlling and using in daily operations.

– Worked in projects for clients in Belgium, US, UK and Asia Pacific. Developed a system named Onsite Management System with some features like posting, chatting, send message. Members also can update location by themselves.


09/2011 - 04/2014

Senior Java Developer
IBM Partner

Developing and maintaining a web application which named WorkSmart at IBM.

Provide the enterprise – Sales, Brand, Finance, Operations, Strategy, ISC, Development etc. With an end to end view of key business information, metrics and analytics for business performance management, sales and business partner management, business operations management and business process execution and control management.

03/2010 - 06/2011

Java Developer
NEC Corp

Onsite and Developed a Web application at NEC Corp – a Japanese corporation.

Microservices for NEC, provide solution to transform obsoleted paper workflow system of hospital or another healthcare services into a state-of-art electronic data storage and network communications.

The system also collect the user’s informations and show the disease they have. And with their current living habits, predict the risks they will have diseases in next 3 years.